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Feature Request: Please allow for a 'raw score' with 'summation' method in the rankings

I have been using Quantopian, and have been able to create some powerful rankings based on 'raw scores.' For example, if this condition is true + 5 points. If this condition is true, -5 points, etc. By creating long lists like this, I get a 'raw signal score.' This allows me to then set up 'filter' conditions differentiating strong and weak level signals and designating 'min. signal strength' before trading. The programming's easy (I know, because I can barely program and I can do it). But, I can't do this on P123 with Boolean, but it seems like it should be an easy addition. I have a few systems in live trading using this methodology and am encouraged with early results.
View the feature request here .

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Sep 17, 2015 9:21:18 AM