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shock the precentege of cash invested at any time

Hello !
I would like to limit the cash in my portfolio to a maximum of 25 precent - ( at least 75 precent of my portfolio's worth will be invested in stocks ) .
I couldnt set it via the buy\sell rules . if any of you guys ever set up a strategy like that one in the past or have any ideas i would love to hear them .
thank you very much!

Dec 14, 2021 8:05:41 AM       
Re: the precentege of cash invested at any time

In the General tab, click on "Use Margin." Set the leverage at 0.75 or 0.8 (the amount of your portfolio you want to devote to equities). This will keep the rest (25% or 20%) of your portfolio in cash.

I think that's what you're looking for. If, on the other hand, you want to make sure that the portfolio never has more than 25% in cash, loosen your buy and sell rules or make your universe slightly larger or lower the number of positions in the rebalance tab.

Without the "Use Margin" or "Hedge" module enabled, a simulation will attempt to invest as much cash as possible. So if you're finding that you have large cash balances, then the simulation isn't finding enough stocks to buy.

Yuval Taylor
Product Manager, Portfolio123
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Dec 14, 2021 1:53:13 PM       
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