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Feature Request: Ranking feature for "NodeValue()"

It is possible to call up the rank value from a previous node using "NodeRank(*)".

I would like to call up the formula value from a previous rank as well. You might call it, "NodeValue(*)".

The reason for this request is laid out in recent forum post (,yes#lastpost) . Basically, I'd like to create performance expectancy histrograms and quantile performance charts for complex valuation formulae. I've been unsuccessfully trying to call custom formulae from the ranking system. I think it has to do with the recursive nature of the formulas involved.

Anyway, this could be easily possible if we were able to call up values of prior rank node (not ranks), much like we can do with customer variable from the screener.
View the feature request here .

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Feb 8, 2018 7:01:43 PM