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Feature Request: Directories on left hand side

I would like P123 to display directories of live and simulated portfolios.d

It takes forever to find my ports/sims.
View the feature request here .

Jul 5, 2019 7:04:32 AM       
Re: Feature Request: Directories on left hand side

I'm not sure what you're asking for here.

There are already directories on the left side if you click through to models and books in the top navigation. (They might be concealed on your screen. Click on Live Strategies on the top navigation. There's a bar on the far left of that page that will say Toggle Sidebar if you hover over it. Click that bar and it should reveal your folders.)

You might also want to use the pin function. On a model that you want to follow closely, click on the pin on the top right grey bar. Then you'll be able to click the pin in the top right of the navigation bar and you'll be able to access that model directly from the home page.

Otherwise, can you describe your idea in more detail?

Jul 5, 2019 9:49:53 AM       
Re: Feature Request: Directories on left hand side

Thanks for mentioning how to find the left bar for quick navigation. When the new UI was rolled out a few years ago, the left bar appeared (to me) to be gone. I assumed it had just been removed for a cleaner look.

I'm glad to learn it was just hidden. It will save me a lot of click when doing manual re-balancing of my models.


Jul 5, 2019 10:32:53 AM       
Re: Feature Request: Directories on left hand side

I find it very difficult to navigate through subdirectories e.g.

1- when clicking to view the substructure of a Dir, this closes the substructure of all other Dirs (makes it harder to move sims around)

2- not possible to move a subdirectory and its content with "drag and drop". Need to re-create all directories / sub-dir structure and then drag all the sims from old to new.

3- Also: impossible to create a subdir with the same name of another subdir (in two different Dir of course!)

Background: I have 5 stages of development of ideas ("pipeline") each with a directory e.g. repository of ideas -> quick eval-> deeper eval -> paper trading -> currently traded live
Moving the sims and the attached substructure from one stage to the next is quite cumbersome

Is there anything that can be done to improve this?

Thank you


Jul 5, 2019 12:04:06 PM