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How to plot the buy/sell signals
Hi all!! Just a question; I found this Picture in the forum, and I would like to plot the buy ...
Monday33 2 Aug 13, 2020 1:25:36 PM
by Monday33
Mohanram's G Score
Has anyone had any success in creating a screen for the Mohanram's G Score? I have been trying ...
canuck996 1 Jul 29, 2020 4:41:31 PM
by yuvaltaylor
P123 is Mainstream (a good thing)
All, I have been doing some light bedtime reading with the text: "Modern Portfolio Theory ...
Jrinne Jul 12, 2020 8:12:55 AM
by Jrinne
Preliminary data for PORTS
P123 and all, I understand why we might want to exclude preliminary data for sims. But I do ...
Jrinne 8 Jul 7, 2020 8:45:39 PM
by yuvaltaylor
RBICS Sector Performance of the Russell1000
I ran screens for each of the RBICS Sectors and all stocks in the sector using PRussell1000 as ...
geov Jun 30, 2020 11:41:44 AM
by geov
Next generation hybrid designer model build on top of successful manual stock picking
Steve, (also would like to get helps and suggestions from other successful P123 experts, ...
kumar 2 Jun 30, 2020 4:07:53 AM
by InspectorSector
Short Interest Path Forward
It was mentioned that Portfolio123 was considering alternative providers of short interest data ...
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Schm1347 15 Jun 17, 2020 12:19:50 PM
by Chipper6
Dividend from 0 to >0 ??
Hi all. I need help with a rule. I'm looking for companies that start paying dividend, and ...
Monday33 6 Jun 12, 2020 2:58:33 AM
by Monday33
can someone explain what the new site does for industries?
I read the sticky but after trying the new site, it still has the same old industry ...
charlesxu 1 May 2, 2020 10:21:16 AM
by yuvaltaylor
Replicating Trending Value from What Works on Wall St - not able to get same results
Hello everyone, I've been trying to replicate the Trending Value strategy from "What ...
vpansarepf4 May 1, 2020 8:02:15 PM
by vpansarepf4
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