The short title may be a bit confusing. Let me explain.

I think everybody notices that when we run simulations, it always starts from the very beginning and "rewrite" the whole history of the portfolio. I believe some users also have noticed that there are chances that the holdings of the same simulation as of the same time may be different if we run the sim at different times, say weeks apart. (in theory, this is should not happen as P123 takes snapshot at every Sat. Unless some contents of snapshot were revised later on!) It is really annoying and frustrating when you are investing real money based on the sims, right?

One way to solve this issue is to add an optional third date control. The third control date sits between "Start Date" to "End Date". When we re-run the sim it only allows re-balance to happen from the "control date" to "End Date" and will keep the history of the sim up to the "control date" intact if the option is checked.

Another benefit of this function is that it enables the user to take a pause during the simulation and make potential changes to the buy/sell rules based on market conditions and continue the simulation with these new rules.

the third benefit is that it could save simulation running time if we do not need to run it from start.

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Requested by: alan_chenhd
On date: 03/29/10
Category: Simulation