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I would like to have shares which trade in different currencies combined in one Portfolio. For example US-shares Canadian shares and in the future European shares in one Portfolio.

You should be able to select one base currency and for the portfolio market value for every point in time the market value of each instrument should be converted into the base currency. Cash should be hold in base currency. The base currency should be changeable. As a result the marketvalue and the equity curve is recomputed.

Relative rules should be uneffected by this and absolute rules like Marketcap > 250 Mio should be considered as base currency if they are not explicit in one currency like Marketcap > 250 Mio. USD.

Important is, that you choose one ranking system for all the different currency stocks and that the distribution of money into the different currencies depends on the stocks position in your ranking system. It should not be the way that you always have a fixed number or a fixed percentage of your stocks in one currency. All shares of any currency compete for your money. That is not possible with the book solution.
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Requested by: vinced001
On date: 07/28/14
Category: Portfolio