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REASON: probably a very large part of portfolio-123 users invest in taxable accounts. If they do, then the most relevant measure of performance is after-tax return. Currently this measure is not presented. This boosts the perception of performance of short-term systems.

USER-PARAMETERS: the user needs to be able to set its short-term tax rate and long-term tax rate. In theory, a more elaborate scheme would present a table of tax rates for each year in the simulation. I believe that is unnecessary, as simulations should be forward looking. This solution is robust to changes in tax rates values in the future, it is not robust to changes in number of different tax rate (i.e. adding a very-long-tax rate). I believe it is not worth to make the system robust on that axis.

CURRENT WORAROUND: Without this feature, we are forced to look at Annual Turnover and guess-estimate how much to subtract from return to account for taxes. This estimate is very poor in part because of the offsetting nature of short-term stop loss sales.

LEVEL OF COMPLEXITY: this shouldn't be a very complex feature to implement (not trivial either). The gain for unity of effort is probably very high.
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Requested by: lucabol
On date: 02/24/07
Category: Portfolio