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Provide means to add or remove a fixed amount of cash from a portfolio. This would not affect the prior history, but would remove the leverage distortion when I enlarge or shrink a portfolio. It would also affect the calculated shares for new purchases.

I have established portfolios, and want to expand the "stake money" without loosing the transaction history. I can add additional positions and track the gains, but the leverage effect makes the baseline comparison misleading. (error message appears: "The cash amount will be negative if processing this transaction. Press submit again to continue.")

As an example, a portfolio with a 100K base that now contains 200K of stocks shows a 20% increase when the value rises 10%. This distorts the baseline comparison.

I would like to use a transaction to increase the cash from 100K to 200K, and keep the transaction history. I could imagine either adding cash to a successful portfolio, or removing it from a less successful one.
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