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I would really like a #series defined as #CurrentPortfolioValue(offset) to use in portfolio and simulation rule expressions everywhere that #Bench is available.

Although some interesting results can be obtained using the #Bench series, I think that a basis of my actual portfolio / simulation status is possibly a better basis. Why use a #Bench as a proxy of the Port performance when the actual Port performance can be used?

But I have no way to automate such rules to find out. I have used many technical and fundamental automated screeners on the web, but have never found one that offered this capability, nor have I ever been able to influence anyone to consider it. Is that because of resource useage? Add it, and if becomes successful, i.e. high usage, charge a premium for the capability if resources is the issue.
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Final Comments
This is now available. See the #Equity option for the series parameter in Close(), SMA,EMA,WMA.
Requested by: garryp
On date: 03/11/08
Category: Simulation

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