Add the capability of updating (extending the end date) and editing the category of sims already run, make it possible to download the sim results to a spreadsheet, and make the data history from the inception date available to premium subscribers.

I am a fairly new subscriber that formerly used Stockworm. Although it has been more difficult to learn, I have found Portfolio123 to be a better program. However, I really miss this capability.

I like to compare the sims of different trading systems using identical dates and for a minimum of 5 years including a down market year.

I have to keep re-running my old sims so I can match the dates to the new ones because the start date is no longer available to me. This would not be necessary if I could use the same start date for all sims and update the old sims to include the most recent dates.

Of even greater concern is that soon I will not be able to include the 2002 down market in any sims and will have no extended down market to test.

The sim categories is a nice feature, but it would be nice to be able to place sims in a category without re-running it and/or make it possible to download the sim results to a spreadsheet.
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Requested by: rjacob31
On date: 01/29/07
Category: Simulation