The ability to re-adjust the Port Buy/Sell prices and number of shares on Tuesday after the Monday data was updated. The normal rebalance would be run over the weekend as it is now so we would still have the recommendations for trades Monday morning.

But, an option that would re-adjust the Friday's close prices and number of shares to the Monday's open prices on Tuesday so that the Port would calculate the performance based on prices that were actually achievable. This would then be able to reflect more accurately the same performance of a Sim that might be run some time in the future for comparison.

It would be especially helpful with public Ports. Members could then run Sims of public Ports and get much closer results, leaving them with more confidence that everything is working right.

This option could be used by those of us who don't manually update our Ports to reflect our actual transaction prices. This would give us more accurate results (although not exact results), than the current Ports with un-adjusted prices.

To avoid confusion with Ports that are un-adjusted, or anyone thinking we are manipulating the results with past data, a statement on the summery page of the Ports that use this option would clear that up.
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Requested by: DennyHalwes
On date: 05/16/06
Category: Portfolio