Today all the buy rules are AND rules, meaning that only stocks are bought if they comply to all the rules. I would like to make use of conditional rules eg: If stock price fell suddenly due to non fundamental reasons (can be picked up with advanced bollean function) I would like the other buy rules to be less tight. An example might be If price decreased a lot then rank can be lower. If there are no sudden price changes I want the normal buy rules to apply. A solution could be to introduce an OR field so that you can have two set of buy rules. If Buy Rule Set 1 is true then the stock is purchased OR if Buy Rule Set 2 is true then the stock is purchased according to the set 2 rules. The ability to allow a priority to each set would be handy as well. This could mean Set 2 has priority above Set 1 in which case the model first checks Set 2 and if not enough stocks are found the Set 1 rules apply.
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Requested by: fwouters
On date: 01/21/06
Category: Simulation