P123 is an AMAZING tool. Very amazing. Thanks. Small retail investors (like me) can create institutional level systems. Thank you!

At some point in the future...I would love to be able to turn screens / systems into target gross and net market exposure and gross and net sector weighted long-short 'books' of systems. The book functionality is coming close. But...not quite there yet.

So...I'd like to be able to add constraints to gross and net market exposure in total. I'd also like to add constraints to gross and net sector (and possibly industry) exposure in total. At the book level. These could either be set manually or targeted to the weights in an underlying major index.

Would likely need a slightly more evolved cash management tool as well.

I believe that with only these additions, developers would have the tools for the creation of institutional quality long-short books through P123.

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Requested by: Tomyani
On date: 03/07/14
Category: Simulation