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161 Subscriber count on R2G performance chartmmasand723.511/04/14Portfolio2
162 Tools for backtester validationrgearyiii522.503/10/16Portfolio1
163 Adjust Portfolio rebalance order prices when ex-dividend date is next market day i.e. [close prior market day - declared dividend]jmh414.012/28/20Portfolio0
164 Allow "TgtPositions" in Portfolio RulesChipper6414.006/07/21Portfolio1
165 Default settings for "Do not set the 'Last Rebalance Date' to today if there are no new recommendations"whotookmynickname414.011/27/15Portfolio0
166 Directories on left hand sidemoonrunreport1313.007/05/19Portfolio3
167 Feature Request: IBKR Interface - Near Real-time Portfolio Reconciliationvettemoose93313.008/05/21Portfolio0
168 Higher margins in Ports and SimsNotoriousREV313.010/15/13Portfolio9
169 Include Rules from another Port.U5YJ52993752gH7p5fx8313.001/30/17Portfolio0
170 More "Portfolio Holdings" Functionsprimus414.004/04/20Portfolio2
171 Price for Transactionslwayne232313.005/22/14Portfolio3
172 Refer to buy/sell note mnemonic inside simulation rulesQuantonomics313.003/20/14Portfolio0
173 Replace "Days comments" with "Ann Excess Launch" column in R2G "General" Tabhengfu313.010/03/13Portfolio0
174 Replace Yahoo! Quotes with P123 quote pageWalterW313.008/15/19Portfolio0
175 Weekly email of the top performing positions in our portfoliosmm123414.010/15/15Portfolio0
176 New R2G classes (types)Jrinne000.004/30/15Portfolio4
177 Simulation vs. portfolio: pls give me some adviceFabiolo1000.003/30/16Portfolio2
178 Using the Benchmark % from High as a entry/exit triggerdgvp000.010/25/16Portfolio2
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