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161 Calculate Aggregate Return for Portfolio AggregateBJS73193.808/06/05Portfolio1
162 Longer Term Relative Performance versus BenchmarkRick19522773.907/20/05Portfolio0
163 Potfolio Category Statisticscharley42113.807/18/05Portfolio2
164 automatic calculation of slippagecharley57173.407/09/05Portfolio0
165 Include Beginning Rank in Realized P&L in addition to Ending Rankgviersen80204.007/09/05Portfolio1
166 Showing next 5 recommendations when creating a portfolio.rickg77785233.707/07/05Portfolio0
167 Improve handling of fractional sellsjerrodmason41123.406/25/05Portfolio3
168 Sizing your tradeazouz82223.706/15/05Portfolio0
169 Allow number of stocks in port/sim to change as the port value increasesjerrodmason95253.806/14/05Portfolio0
170 Allow Buy rules to override Sell rulesjerrodmason135324.206/14/05Portfolio7
171 Total Portfolio Characteristicsxmallen50153.306/13/05Portfolio0
172 Order within current holdingsjerrodmason71193.706/06/05Portfolio0
173 Flexible dates on Rebalancingsalsa119274.406/06/05Portfolio0
174 Monthly cash flow stats in simulation / portfolioInspectorSector80233.506/04/05Portfolio4
175 Limit Orders / Stop OrdersInspectorSector255604.206/04/05Portfolio3
176 RebalancingInspectorSector65183.606/04/05Portfolio0
177 Option for Industry Weight across multiple portfoliosjchenderson38142.705/31/05Portfolio0
178 Add SharesBJS169424.005/28/05Portfolio0
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