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21 "Leverage" as formula/variable in Portfoliosbrianj9992573.604/05/18Portfolio1
22 Rolling weeklycalif2732.308/04/17Portfolio2
23 Portfolio/Stock Search/Most Popular...carlrcraw933.004/15/07Portfolio0
24 automatic calculation of slippagecharley57173.407/09/05Portfolio0
25 Potfolio Category Statisticscharley42113.807/18/05Portfolio2
26 Add to a partial positionChipper61963.206/21/17Portfolio8
27 Allow "TgtPositions" in Portfolio RulesChipper6414.006/07/21Portfolio1
28 Post launch annualized alpha.Chipper62893.105/18/17Portfolio6
29 Rules for BooksChipper61133.706/01/21Portfolio1
30 Sell rule if there is a big improvement in rank positionChipper637103.706/20/17Portfolio5
31 Portfolio Edit - "Enter" key erases my changes.craig824.004/24/10Portfolio0
32 Daily, weekly, monthly equity curve for backtestscrakes32103.211/06/06Portfolio0
33 Ability to calculate weighted avg beta for current portfolio holdings.danparquette38113.502/27/07Portfolio0
34 Add dividend Yield-on-Cost column to portfolio Current Holdings screendavidbv1443.510/24/16Portfolio1
35 Create live ports from R2Gsdavidbv723.512/27/13Portfolio4
36 Custom Benchmarksdcnelson1243.006/17/15Portfolio0
37 Specify Number of Stocksdeleted548243133.306/25/06Portfolio6
38 Add the column, Dividends Paid, to the “Closed Trades (30 days lag)” tableDennyHalwes623.006/06/17Portfolio0
39 Avergage Gain Per Stock Per Day, or Gain/Stk/DayDennyHalwes226683.312/05/05Portfolio13
40 Low liquidity stocks InfoDennyHalwes1343.206/26/14Portfolio4
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