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101 Add a Strategy function to support the buying of round stock lotsWalterW1443.512/04/19Portfolio0
102 Add dividend Yield-on-Cost column to portfolio Current Holdings screendavidbv1443.510/24/16Portfolio1
103 add Graph: Account Balance over timerussell1243.002/26/07Portfolio0
104 Add more index backfill data for ETFsacmeinvest1081243.012/08/21Portfolio1
105 Add PSQ (ProShares Short QQQ) to the hedge moduleInspectorSector1443.503/26/21Portfolio1
106 add wins and losses sequence statistics to a port (and sim) trades data reportz87351243.009/13/11Portfolio0
107 Allow fractional share recommendations to 1 decimal placeAggies1042.511/14/15Portfolio0
108 Best out-of-sample test possible at P123Jrinne1443.504/04/15Portfolio0
109 change in what is shown to clear up slippage confusionsLawrenceKohl1243.011/28/06Portfolio0
110 conditional buy and sell ruleshoosthu11343.209/14/14Portfolio1
111 Convert Book Simulations to R2G modelsbobhaskell14951443.502/27/14Portfolio1
112 Custom Benchmarksdcnelson1243.006/17/15Portfolio0
113 Custom Reports in Portfolios/Simulationsvinced0011443.502/15/14Portfolio0
114 Extend DM subscription model to support two-tier pricingWalterW1142.809/19/17Portfolio15
115 Feature Request: Use a Portfolio to Automate Ready-2-Go Trackingfredecm1343.202/07/14Portfolio1
116 Function to return number of ranking system NAsWalterW1142.809/24/18Portfolio2
117 Historical Portfolios: Download button (to Excel)whotookmynickname1543.807/10/15Portfolio0
118 Intraday quote prices for tradesterve_sijoittaja1042.511/07/16Portfolio0
119 Low liquidity stocks InfoDennyHalwes1343.206/26/14Portfolio4
120 Option to fully invest a portfolio over a range of stocksTomyani942.210/07/09Portfolio0
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