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61 Trend of average return by R2G Model Categoriesmmasand531.707/17/15Portfolio0
62 Historical Portfolios: Add cash balance and net assets, customized output formatwhotookmynickname1033.307/10/15Portfolio0
63 Historical Portfolios: Download button (to Excel)whotookmynickname1543.807/10/15Portfolio0
64 Rebalance multiple portfolios all at oncewhotookmynickname1953.807/10/15Portfolio0
65 Please add Beta (to SPX) and 60d Volatility to "Fundamentals" view in Portfolio/HoldingsShaun723.507/07/15Portfolio0
66 "Or" Option for Buy Rulessglinski1653.206/30/15Portfolio0
67 Custom Benchmarksdcnelson1243.006/17/15Portfolio0
68 Option to close a R2G when the last user unsubscribesWalterW422.006/11/15Portfolio2
69 Live port 'Save as a new 'Portfolio Simulation' task should preserve the Live Port optionsWalterW933.006/04/15Portfolio2
70 Market Exposure or Rank feature that feeds into amount a sim investsTomyani1133.705/26/15Portfolio2
71 New R2G classes (types)Jrinne000.004/30/15Portfolio4
72 Tracking Error and Information Ratioquadz4261183.404/07/15Portfolio19
73 Best out-of-sample test possible at P123Jrinne1443.504/04/15Portfolio0
74 Hedge Ratio stepsAmitron1753.403/23/15Portfolio3
75 A statitstical measure to assess how steady returns are for a portfolio or R2Gsevensisters2473.403/08/15Portfolio0
76 Full 1 Year Rebalance (365 days)mm1233694.002/11/15Portfolio0
77 Exclude manual transactions from Live Book rebalancingtkp933.001/22/15Portfolio0
78 Yield Weightmike0001832.712/14/14Portfolio2
79 Subscriber count on R2G performance chartmmasand723.511/04/14Portfolio2
80 Raising Max R2G limit for Manager Accounts or adding new plan with this featureSZ842.011/01/14Portfolio5
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