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161 Sizing your tradeazouz82223.706/15/05Portfolio0
162 Slippage StatsInspectorSector33122.801/12/07Portfolio4
163 Slipppage calculation report for live ports using tradeTomyani2163.507/30/15Portfolio1
164 Specify Number of Stocksdeleted548243133.306/25/06Portfolio6
165 Stats for recovery from drawdown period - no days .hoosthu12573.608/13/07Portfolio1
166 Stock Portfolio retain profits vs. distribute profitstobiasberr1753.403/06/14Portfolio2
167 Subscriber count on R2G performance chartmmasand723.511/04/14Portfolio2
168 System State VariablesInspectorSector36103.602/26/13Portfolio4
169 Tools for backtester validationrgearyiii522.503/10/16Portfolio1
170 Total Portfolio Characteristicsxmallen50153.306/13/05Portfolio0
171 Tracking Error and Information Ratioquadz4261183.404/07/15Portfolio19
172 trades performance graph, variable display periodz87352583.109/13/07Portfolio1
173 Trend of average return by R2G Model Categoriesmmasand531.707/17/15Portfolio0
174 Use transaction day prices for semi-automatic rebalanced profoliosWalterW1234.003/01/16Portfolio0
175 Using the Benchmark % from High as a entry/exit triggerdgvp000.010/25/16Portfolio2
176 Weekly email of the top performing positions in our portfoliosmm123414.010/15/15Portfolio0
177 when making portfolio recomendations, display the date of financials used in rankingz873546133.505/27/06Portfolio0
178 Yield Weightmike0001832.712/14/14Portfolio2
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