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101 Option to trade in "round lots"olikea35122.904/29/08Portfolio0
102 Bottom 20% Liquidity for ALL Portfolios and Simulationsolikea282233.603/27/14Portfolio6
103 Add option to choose between daily or the previous weekend's ranks when rebalancingpennywise1853.607/01/07Portfolio3
104 Add column with avg daily volume in rebalance recommendations windowplan_trader1033.303/16/13Portfolio0
105 Ability to use #Previous in Live & Simulation Portfolioprimus1133.701/27/14Portfolio6
106 Expose Porfolio functions to Position Weight Formulaprimus2363.805/17/18Portfolio15
107 More "Portfolio Holdings" Functionsprimus414.004/04/20Portfolio2
108 Portfolios inherit custom variable declaration from universeprimus1963.208/20/18Portfolio0
109 Tracking Error and Information Ratioquadz4261183.404/07/15Portfolio19
110 Refer to buy/sell note mnemonic inside simulation rulesQuantonomics313.003/20/14Portfolio0
111 Allow active weights in stocks and sectors in portfoliosredshield824.008/23/18Portfolio3
112 SellAmount function for sims and ports to limit buy/sell transactionsregallow40133.105/04/17Portfolio11
113 Tools for backtester validationrgearyiii522.503/10/16Portfolio1
114 Longer Term Relative Performance versus BenchmarkRick19522773.907/20/05Portfolio0
115 Showing next 5 recommendations when creating a portfolio.rickg77785233.707/07/05Portfolio0
116 Incorrect Stock Weights Shown in Currrent Holdings Display for Portfoliosrschultz2983.602/17/11Portfolio0
117 Permit editing of purchase date for portfolio holdingsrschultz3193.405/18/11Portfolio1
118 add Graph: Account Balance over timerussell1243.002/26/07Portfolio0
119 Flexible dates on Rebalancingsalsa119274.406/06/05Portfolio0
120 Make Varibles defined in Buy Rules convey to Sell Rulesscmarsh632.003/25/16Portfolio2
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