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81 New sim/port stat - return adjusted for amount of investment at riskjerrodmason2072.907/12/06Portfolio0
82 Add to a partial positionChipper61963.206/21/17Portfolio8
83 Include OHLC price data when downloading portfolio transactionsdkalmuk1953.805/08/14Portfolio0
84 Insider Ownership Datamm1231953.803/01/18Portfolio0
85 Multi-Currency Portfoliosvinced0011953.807/28/14Portfolio0
86 Portfolios inherit custom variable declaration from universeprimus1963.208/20/18Portfolio0
87 Rebalance multiple portfolios all at oncewhotookmynickname1953.807/10/15Portfolio0
88 Add option to choose between daily or the previous weekend's ranks when rebalancingpennywise1853.607/01/07Portfolio3
89 Hedge Ratio stepsAmitron1753.403/23/15Portfolio3
90 Portfolio transaction edit improvement... spreadsheet upload utilitystumo1762.804/30/13Portfolio0
91 R2G/Live port's - Stock overlap between models analysisTomyani1753.402/23/14Portfolio2
92 Stock Portfolio retain profits vs. distribute profitstobiasberr1753.403/06/14Portfolio2
93 "Or" Option for Buy Rulessglinski1653.206/30/15Portfolio0
94 Perfomance since Last Rebalance Column under PORTFOLIOsvisionaire1682.003/14/06Portfolio0
95 Add "Liquidity (lowest 20%)" to Smart Alpha->Browse Models screenerWalterW1553.008/06/16Portfolio1
96 Add UnivStdDev("criteria","formula") to Custom SeriesWalterW1553.004/26/16Portfolio0
97 Allow potential R2G subscribers to playInspectorSector1553.008/03/13Portfolio0
98 Historical Portfolios: Download button (to Excel)whotookmynickname1543.807/10/15Portfolio0
99 long/short techniquegcoreyct1562.512/01/17Portfolio1
100 Add a Strategy function to support the buying of round stock lotsWalterW1443.512/04/19Portfolio0
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