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81 conditional buy and sell ruleshoosthu11343.209/14/14Portfolio1
82 Annualized Return Since Subscription Datejrc210015753933.008/14/14Portfolio0
83 Multi-Currency Portfoliosvinced0011953.807/28/14Portfolio0
84 Feature Request: automatically re-run live portfolio transactions based on opening prices and slippagewhotookmynickname3293.607/04/14Portfolio3
85 Low liquidity stocks InfoDennyHalwes1343.206/26/14Portfolio4
86 Price for Transactionslwayne232313.005/22/14Portfolio3
87 Include OHLC price data when downloading portfolio transactionsdkalmuk1953.805/08/14Portfolio0
88 Bottom 20% Liquidity for ALL Portfolios and Simulationsolikea282233.603/27/14Portfolio6
89 Refer to buy/sell note mnemonic inside simulation rulesQuantonomics313.003/20/14Portfolio0
90 Stock Portfolio retain profits vs. distribute profitstobiasberr1753.403/06/14Portfolio2
91 Convert Book Simulations to R2G modelsbobhaskell14951443.502/27/14Portfolio1
92 R2G/Live port's - Stock overlap between models analysisTomyani1753.402/23/14Portfolio2
93 R2G_Compare a 'custom group' of strat's to a custom 'peer group'Tomyani933.002/23/14Portfolio0
94 Custom Reports in Portfolios/Simulationsvinced0011443.502/15/14Portfolio0
95 Feature Request: Use a Portfolio to Automate Ready-2-Go Trackingfredecm1343.202/07/14Portfolio1
96 Allow live port's to use next open, avg hi-low and next close for settingsTomyani3093.302/07/14Portfolio19
97 Ability to use #Previous in Live & Simulation Portfolioprimus1133.701/27/14Portfolio6
98 Create live ports from R2Gsdavidbv723.512/27/13Portfolio4
99 Add "IWM w/ dividend" benchmark comparison to R2G modelshengfu1243.012/13/13Portfolio0
100 R2G ameliorationaurelaurel33103.311/26/13Portfolio11
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