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81 Function to return number of ranking system NAsWalterW1142.809/24/18Portfolio2
82 Group Recent Transactions by Port categoryavkale832.706/07/08Portfolio0
83 Have a choice of paying out dividends or re-investing dividends in ports/simsbobhaskell14953193.407/09/13Portfolio0
84 Hedge Ratio stepsAmitron1753.403/23/15Portfolio3
85 Higher margins in Ports and SimsNotoriousREV313.010/15/13Portfolio9
86 Historical Portfolios: Add cash balance and net assets, customized output formatwhotookmynickname1033.307/10/15Portfolio0
87 Historical Portfolios: Download button (to Excel)whotookmynickname1543.807/10/15Portfolio0
88 Improve handling of fractional sellsjerrodmason41123.406/25/05Portfolio3
89 In the portfolio summary page, flag those ports that have made trades in the recent rebalance.BJS2983.609/03/05Portfolio1
90 Include Beginning Rank in Realized P&L in addition to Ending Rankgviersen80204.007/09/05Portfolio1
91 Include OHLC price data when downloading portfolio transactionsdkalmuk1953.805/08/14Portfolio0
92 Include Rules from another Port.U5YJ52993752gH7p5fx8313.001/30/17Portfolio0
93 Incorrect Stock Weights Shown in Currrent Holdings Display for Portfoliosrschultz2983.602/17/11Portfolio0
94 Insider Ownership Datamm1231953.803/01/18Portfolio0
95 International equity index benchmarksterve_sijoittaja623.011/17/15Portfolio0
96 Intraday quote prices for tradesterve_sijoittaja1042.511/07/16Portfolio0
97 Introduction of "target volatility" for portfolios and books (as a way to alter portfolio/book leverage or formula-weight position sizing)whotookmynickname2883.505/15/18Portfolio0
98 Limit Orders / Stop OrdersInspectorSector255604.206/04/05Portfolio3
99 list prev close price for manual transactionsLawrenceKohl732.311/22/06Portfolio0
100 List rank value in the transactions page for stocks that are manually soldBJS2483.012/18/05Portfolio0
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