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21 Add leverage to Bookemcgerve2363.809/13/13Portfolio3
22 API for live portfolio and tradefandethai2363.801/17/19Portfolio0
23 Expose Porfolio functions to Position Weight Formulaprimus2363.805/17/18Portfolio15
24 Potfolio Category Statisticscharley42113.807/18/05Portfolio2
25 Allow number of stocks in port/sim to change as the port value increasesjerrodmason95253.806/14/05Portfolio0
26 Include OHLC price data when downloading portfolio transactionsdkalmuk1953.805/08/14Portfolio0
27 Insider Ownership Datamm1231953.803/01/18Portfolio0
28 Multi-Currency Portfoliosvinced0011953.807/28/14Portfolio0
29 Rebalance multiple portfolios all at oncewhotookmynickname1953.807/10/15Portfolio0
30 Archived downloadable (Excel) weekly performance report databl823493.809/26/05Portfolio0
31 Historical Portfolios: Download button (to Excel)whotookmynickname1543.807/10/15Portfolio0
32 Order within current holdingsjerrodmason71193.706/06/05Portfolio0
33 Sizing your tradeazouz82223.706/15/05Portfolio0
34 Create Meta-Trading System function for using/testing rules combining trading systemsTomyani52143.709/28/08Portfolio8
35 Position sizingscottkissinger126343.703/26/07Portfolio8
36 Sell rule if there is a big improvement in rank positionChipper637103.706/20/17Portfolio5
37 Showing next 5 recommendations when creating a portfolio.rickg77785233.707/07/05Portfolio0
38 Ability to use #Previous in Live & Simulation Portfolioprimus1133.701/27/14Portfolio6
39 Add a R2G Graveyard to keep all dead published R2Ghengfu77213.710/03/13Portfolio0
40 Allow daily auto-rebalancingolikea330903.703/04/08Portfolio7
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