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61 Allow #Equity for series in Highest(...)strader1723.508/07/12Portfolio5
62 Average Annual Yieldbobhaskell14952163.509/05/13Portfolio1
63 Best out-of-sample test possible at P123Jrinne1443.504/04/15Portfolio0
64 Convert Book Simulations to R2G modelsbobhaskell14951443.502/27/14Portfolio1
65 Create live ports from R2Gsdavidbv723.512/27/13Portfolio4
66 Custom Reports in Portfolios/Simulationsvinced0011443.502/15/14Portfolio0
67 Introduction of "target volatility" for portfolios and books (as a way to alter portfolio/book leverage or formula-weight position sizing)whotookmynickname2883.505/15/18Portfolio0
68 Money/Risk Management -- Allow user to define maximum position sizejerrodmason2883.508/30/06Portfolio16
69 Please add Beta (to SPX) and 60d Volatility to "Fundamentals" view in Portfolio/HoldingsShaun723.507/07/15Portfolio0
70 Slipppage calculation report for live ports using tradeTomyani2163.507/30/15Portfolio1
71 Subscriber count on R2G performance chartmmasand723.511/04/14Portfolio2
72 Monthly cash flow stats in simulation / portfolioInspectorSector80233.506/04/05Portfolio4
73 Ability to calculate weighted avg beta for current portfolio holdings.danparquette38113.502/27/07Portfolio0
74 Have a choice of paying out dividends or re-investing dividends in ports/simsbobhaskell14953193.407/09/13Portfolio0
75 Permit editing of purchase date for portfolio holdingsrschultz3193.405/18/11Portfolio1
76 A statitstical measure to assess how steady returns are for a portfolio or R2Gsevensisters2473.403/08/15Portfolio0
77 Improve handling of fractional sellsjerrodmason41123.406/25/05Portfolio3
78 Automated Slippage monitoringtobiasberr34103.407/13/17Portfolio5
79 Hedge Ratio stepsAmitron1753.403/23/15Portfolio3
80 R2G/Live port's - Stock overlap between models analysisTomyani1753.402/23/14Portfolio2
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