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101 Live port 'Save as a new 'Portfolio Simulation' task should preserve the Live Port optionsWalterW933.006/04/15Portfolio2
102 Live port -> allow 'manual buy / sell' (currently only past 2 weeks) up to last 30 days as is already 'edit transactions'jmh1133.702/16/17Portfolio0
103 long/short techniquegcoreyct1562.512/01/17Portfolio1
104 Longer Term Relative Performance versus BenchmarkRick19522773.907/20/05Portfolio0
105 Low liquidity stocks InfoDennyHalwes1343.206/26/14Portfolio4
106 Make Varibles defined in Buy Rules convey to Sell Rulesscmarsh632.003/25/16Portfolio2
107 Mark multiple ports for rebalancewhotookmynickname2063.311/27/15Portfolio3
108 Market Exposure or Rank feature that feeds into amount a sim investsTomyani1133.705/26/15Portfolio2
109 Max number of stocks to purchasegarryp30103.005/12/08Portfolio1
110 Money/Risk Management -- Allow user to define maximum position sizejerrodmason2883.508/30/06Portfolio16
111 Monthly cash flow stats in simulation / portfolioInspectorSector80233.506/04/05Portfolio4
112 More "Portfolio Holdings" Functionsprimus414.004/04/20Portfolio2
113 More flexibility with Exposure ListsBJS51173.002/13/06Portfolio0
114 Multi-Currency Portfoliosvinced0011953.807/28/14Portfolio0
115 New Performance Indicator - P/L (Profit/Loss)vladinvest66203.312/05/05Portfolio1
116 New R2G classes (types)Jrinne000.004/30/15Portfolio4
117 New sim/port stat - return adjusted for amount of investment at riskjerrodmason2072.907/12/06Portfolio0
118 Option for Industry Weight across multiple portfoliosjchenderson38142.705/31/05Portfolio0
119 Option to close a R2G when the last user unsubscribesWalterW422.006/11/15Portfolio2
120 Option to fully invest a portfolio over a range of stocksTomyani942.210/07/09Portfolio0
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