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61 Convert Book Simulations to R2G modelsbobhaskell14951443.502/27/14Portfolio1
62 Create live ports from R2Gsdavidbv723.512/27/13Portfolio4
63 Create Meta-Trading System function for using/testing rules combining trading systemsTomyani52143.709/28/08Portfolio8
64 Custom Benchmarksdcnelson1243.006/17/15Portfolio0
65 Custom Reports in Portfolios/Simulationsvinced0011443.502/15/14Portfolio0
66 Daily, weekly, monthly equity curve for backtestscrakes32103.211/06/06Portfolio0
67 Default settings for "Do not set the 'Last Rebalance Date' to today if there are no new recommendations"whotookmynickname414.011/27/15Portfolio0
68 Directories on left hand sidemoonrunreport1313.007/05/19Portfolio3
69 Display after-tax returnlucabol29112.602/24/07Portfolio4
70 Embedded Charts & Datamm123933.008/04/17Portfolio0
71 Exclude manual transactions from Live Book rebalancingtkp933.001/22/15Portfolio0
72 Expose Porfolio functions to Position Weight Formulaprimus2363.805/17/18Portfolio15
73 Expose selected portfolio / book pages via APIjmh2263.701/16/19Portfolio2
74 Extend DM subscription model to support two-tier pricingWalterW1142.809/19/17Portfolio15
75 Feature Request: Handle Fractional shares and Dollar amount purchases in Trading Interfacevettemoose93832.708/05/21Portfolio0
76 Feature Request: automatically re-run live portfolio transactions based on opening prices and slippagewhotookmynickname3293.607/04/14Portfolio3
77 Feature Request: IBKR Interface - Near Real-time Portfolio Reconciliationvettemoose93313.008/05/21Portfolio0
78 Feature Request: Use a Portfolio to Automate Ready-2-Go Trackingfredecm1343.202/07/14Portfolio1
79 Flexible dates on Rebalancingsalsa119274.406/06/05Portfolio0
80 Full 1 Year Rebalance (365 days)mm1233694.002/11/15Portfolio0
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