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41 Provide alternate buy candidates on the rebalance pageBJS35113.211/15/05Portfolio20
42 Add Asset Tolerance to Live BooksMiro35103.511/10/17Portfolio0
43 Aggregate Portfolio Download Buttonstrader129102.901/07/13Portfolio0
44 Automated Slippage monitoringtobiasberr34103.407/13/17Portfolio5
45 Daily, weekly, monthly equity curve for backtestscrakes32103.211/06/06Portfolio0
46 Max number of stocks to purchasegarryp30103.005/12/08Portfolio1
47 R2G ameliorationaurelaurel33103.311/26/13Portfolio11
48 Rebalance frequency of 1 monthavkale27102.704/08/06Portfolio0
49 Sell rule if there is a big improvement in rank positionChipper637103.706/20/17Portfolio5
50 System State VariablesInspectorSector36103.602/26/13Portfolio4
51 Allow live port's to use next open, avg hi-low and next close for settingsTomyani3093.302/07/14Portfolio19
52 Allow to automatically adjust the rebalance price to the Open pricez87352893.107/16/11Portfolio18
53 Archived downloadable (Excel) weekly performance report databl823493.809/26/05Portfolio0
54 Feature Request: automatically re-run live portfolio transactions based on opening prices and slippagewhotookmynickname3293.607/04/14Portfolio3
55 Full 1 Year Rebalance (365 days)mm1233694.002/11/15Portfolio0
56 Have a choice of paying out dividends or re-investing dividends in ports/simsbobhaskell14953193.407/09/13Portfolio0
57 Permit editing of purchase date for portfolio holdingsrschultz3193.405/18/11Portfolio1
58 Post launch annualized alpha.Chipper62893.105/18/17Portfolio6
59 2-Year and 3-Year RebalanceAChayka882483.002/05/16Portfolio13
60 Add skewness and kurtosis in the list of metrics that is calculated for ports / sims / booksjmh2382.907/26/17Portfolio2
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