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41 Allow potential R2G subscribers to playInspectorSector1553.008/03/13Portfolio0
42 Allow price input to three decimal placesolikea40113.605/08/08Portfolio0
43 Allow to automatically adjust the rebalance price to the Open pricez87352893.107/16/11Portfolio18
44 Allow trading liquidity to be a parameter in position sizing, rather than just a buy/sell criteriagviersen76184.209/04/05Portfolio0
45 Annualized Return Since Subscription Datejrc210015753933.008/14/14Portfolio0
46 API for live portfolio and tradefandethai2363.801/17/19Portfolio0
47 Archived downloadable (Excel) weekly performance report databl823493.809/26/05Portfolio0
48 Auto-Save or Select Default Setting for "Do not set the 'Last Rebalance Date' to today if there are no new recommendations"whotookmynickname522.504/15/16Portfolio0
49 Automated Slippage monitoringtobiasberr34103.407/13/17Portfolio5
50 automatic calculation of slippagecharley57173.407/09/05Portfolio0
51 Average Annual Yieldbobhaskell14952163.509/05/13Portfolio1
52 Avergage Gain Per Stock Per Day, or Gain/Stk/DayDennyHalwes226683.312/05/05Portfolio13
53 Best out-of-sample test possible at P123Jrinne1443.504/04/15Portfolio0
54 Bottom 20% Liquidity for ALL Portfolios and Simulationsolikea282233.603/27/14Portfolio6
55 buy rule vixApril800824.004/02/13Portfolio2
56 Buy/Sell DifferenceInspectorSector50153.305/31/11Portfolio9
57 Calculate Aggregate Return for Portfolio AggregateBJS73193.808/06/05Portfolio1
58 change in what is shown to clear up slippage confusionsLawrenceKohl1243.011/28/06Portfolio0
59 conditional buy and sell ruleshoosthu11343.209/14/14Portfolio1
60 Control/limit size of purchase in buy rule.U5YJ52993752gH7p5fx8522.507/23/15Portfolio3
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