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1 Add more index backfill data for ETFsacmeinvest1081243.012/08/21Portfolio1
2 Feature Request: Handle Fractional shares and Dollar amount purchases in Trading Interfacevettemoose93832.708/05/21Portfolio0
3 Feature Request: IBKR Interface - Near Real-time Portfolio Reconciliationvettemoose93313.008/05/21Portfolio0
4 Allow "TgtPositions" in Portfolio RulesChipper6414.006/07/21Portfolio1
5 Rules for BooksChipper61133.706/01/21Portfolio1
6 Add PSQ (ProShares Short QQQ) to the hedge moduleInspectorSector1443.503/26/21Portfolio1
7 Adjust Portfolio rebalance order prices when ex-dividend date is next market day i.e. [close prior market day - declared dividend]jmh414.012/28/20Portfolio0
8 More "Portfolio Holdings" Functionsprimus414.004/04/20Portfolio2
9 Add a Strategy function to support the buying of round stock lotsWalterW1443.512/04/19Portfolio0
10 Replace Yahoo! Quotes with P123 quote pageWalterW313.008/15/19Portfolio0
11 Directories on left hand sidemoonrunreport1313.007/05/19Portfolio3
12 Add "Out-of-Sample" Statistics to Live PortfoliosWalterW45143.201/26/19Portfolio10
13 API for live portfolio and tradefandethai2363.801/17/19Portfolio0
14 Expose selected portfolio / book pages via APIjmh2263.701/16/19Portfolio2
15 PortfolioStats(bars, id, item) functionwhotookmynickname2273.110/12/18Portfolio0
16 Function to return number of ranking system NAsWalterW1142.809/24/18Portfolio2
17 Allow active weights in stocks and sectors in portfoliosredshield824.008/23/18Portfolio3
18 Portfolios inherit custom variable declaration from universeprimus1963.208/20/18Portfolio0
19 Expose Porfolio functions to Position Weight Formulaprimus2363.805/17/18Portfolio15
20 Introduction of "target volatility" for portfolios and books (as a way to alter portfolio/book leverage or formula-weight position sizing)whotookmynickname2883.505/15/18Portfolio0
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