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41 Expose selected portfolio / book pages via APIjmh2263.701/16/19Portfolio2
42 Live port -> allow 'manual buy / sell' (currently only past 2 weeks) up to last 30 days as is already 'edit transactions'jmh1133.702/16/17Portfolio0
43 Market Exposure or Rank feature that feeds into amount a sim investsTomyani1133.705/26/15Portfolio2
44 Please add SH as benchmarkMiro1133.708/12/17Portfolio0
45 Rules for BooksChipper61133.706/01/21Portfolio1
46 Allow price input to three decimal placesolikea40113.605/08/08Portfolio0
47 In the portfolio summary page, flag those ports that have made trades in the recent rebalance.BJS2983.609/03/05Portfolio1
48 Incorrect Stock Weights Shown in Currrent Holdings Display for Portfoliosrschultz2983.602/17/11Portfolio0
49 RebalancingInspectorSector65183.606/04/05Portfolio0
50 Add option to choose between daily or the previous weekend's ranks when rebalancingpennywise1853.607/01/07Portfolio3
51 System State VariablesInspectorSector36103.602/26/13Portfolio4
52 "Leverage" as formula/variable in Portfoliosbrianj9992573.604/05/18Portfolio1
53 Stats for recovery from drawdown period - no days .hoosthu12573.608/13/07Portfolio1
54 Bottom 20% Liquidity for ALL Portfolios and Simulationsolikea282233.603/27/14Portfolio6
55 Feature Request: automatically re-run live portfolio transactions based on opening prices and slippagewhotookmynickname3293.607/04/14Portfolio3
56 when making portfolio recomendations, display the date of financials used in rankingz873546133.505/27/06Portfolio0
57 Add a Strategy function to support the buying of round stock lotsWalterW1443.512/04/19Portfolio0
58 Add Asset Tolerance to Live BooksMiro35103.511/10/17Portfolio0
59 Add dividend Yield-on-Cost column to portfolio Current Holdings screendavidbv1443.510/24/16Portfolio1
60 Add PSQ (ProShares Short QQQ) to the hedge moduleInspectorSector1443.503/26/21Portfolio1
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