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81 Stock Portfolio retain profits vs. distribute profitstobiasberr1753.403/06/14Portfolio2
82 Tracking Error and Information Ratioquadz4261183.404/07/15Portfolio19
83 Option to readjust Port prices and # of shares on Tuesday for Mondays valuesDennyHalwes98293.405/16/06Portfolio0
84 Add simple dynamic position sizing functionaltyvictorass54163.402/16/11Portfolio0
85 Allocation Statistics for Whole Port - Not Just Current Holdingslinzjonz37113.407/29/09Portfolio1
86 automatic calculation of slippagecharley57173.407/09/05Portfolio0
87 Add column with avg daily volume in rebalance recommendations windowplan_trader1033.303/16/13Portfolio0
88 Allow live port's to use next open, avg hi-low and next close for settingsTomyani3093.302/07/14Portfolio19
89 Buy/Sell DifferenceInspectorSector50153.305/31/11Portfolio9
90 Historical Portfolios: Add cash balance and net assets, customized output formatwhotookmynickname1033.307/10/15Portfolio0
91 Mark multiple ports for rebalancewhotookmynickname2063.311/27/15Portfolio3
92 Partial Position Changesdmacdonal91033.305/16/16Portfolio2
93 Total Portfolio Characteristicsxmallen50153.306/13/05Portfolio0
94 Avergage Gain Per Stock Per Day, or Gain/Stk/DayDennyHalwes226683.312/05/05Portfolio13
95 Specify Number of Stocksdeleted548243133.306/25/06Portfolio6
96 New Performance Indicator - P/L (Profit/Loss)vladinvest66203.312/05/05Portfolio1
97 R2G ameliorationaurelaurel33103.311/26/13Portfolio11
98 Rebalance summary for changes for selected portfolioshoosthu12373.309/19/05Portfolio0
99 conditional buy and sell ruleshoosthu11343.209/14/14Portfolio1
100 Feature Request: Use a Portfolio to Automate Ready-2-Go Trackingfredecm1343.202/07/14Portfolio1
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