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1 Flexible dates on Rebalancingsalsa119274.406/06/05Portfolio0
2 Limit Orders / Stop OrdersInspectorSector255604.206/04/05Portfolio3
3 Allow trading liquidity to be a parameter in position sizing, rather than just a buy/sell criteriagviersen76184.209/04/05Portfolio0
4 Allow Buy rules to override Sell rulesjerrodmason135324.206/14/05Portfolio7
5 Add SharesBJS169424.005/28/05Portfolio0
6 Adjust Portfolio rebalance order prices when ex-dividend date is next market day i.e. [close prior market day - declared dividend]jmh414.012/28/20Portfolio0
7 Allow "TgtPositions" in Portfolio RulesChipper6414.006/07/21Portfolio1
8 Allow active weights in stocks and sectors in portfoliosredshield824.008/23/18Portfolio3
9 buy rule vixApril800824.004/02/13Portfolio2
10 Default settings for "Do not set the 'Last Rebalance Date' to today if there are no new recommendations"whotookmynickname414.011/27/15Portfolio0
11 Full 1 Year Rebalance (365 days)mm1233694.002/11/15Portfolio0
12 Include Beginning Rank in Realized P&L in addition to Ending Rankgviersen80204.007/09/05Portfolio1
13 More "Portfolio Holdings" Functionsprimus414.004/04/20Portfolio2
14 Portfolio Edit - "Enter" key erases my changes.craig824.004/24/10Portfolio0
15 PortfolioOpen to Return Trading Bars instead of Calendar Daysbarkbad824.001/13/18Portfolio0
16 Sim Stats for RTG Models back to 1999donbarrett1234.003/30/13Portfolio2
17 Use transaction day prices for semi-automatic rebalanced profoliosWalterW1234.003/01/16Portfolio0
18 Weekly email of the top performing positions in our portfoliosmm123414.010/15/15Portfolio0
19 Longer Term Relative Performance versus BenchmarkRick19522773.907/20/05Portfolio0
20 Calculate Aggregate Return for Portfolio AggregateBJS73193.808/06/05Portfolio1
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