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81 Best out-of-sample test possible at P123Jrinne1443.504/04/15Portfolio0
82 New R2G classes (types)Jrinne000.004/30/15Portfolio4
83 change in what is shown to clear up slippage confusionsLawrenceKohl1243.011/28/06Portfolio0
84 list prev close price for manual transactionsLawrenceKohl732.311/22/06Portfolio0
85 Allocation Statistics for Whole Port - Not Just Current Holdingslinzjonz37113.407/29/09Portfolio1
86 Display after-tax returnlucabol29112.602/24/07Portfolio4
87 Price for Transactionslwayne232313.005/22/14Portfolio3
88 Yield Weightmike0001832.712/14/14Portfolio2
89 Add Asset Tolerance to Live BooksMiro35103.511/10/17Portfolio0
90 Please add SH as benchmarkMiro1133.708/12/17Portfolio0
91 Embedded Charts & Datamm123933.008/04/17Portfolio0
92 Full 1 Year Rebalance (365 days)mm1233694.002/11/15Portfolio0
93 Insider Ownership Datamm1231953.803/01/18Portfolio0
94 Weekly email of the top performing positions in our portfoliosmm123414.010/15/15Portfolio0
95 Subscriber count on R2G performance chartmmasand723.511/04/14Portfolio2
96 Trend of average return by R2G Model Categoriesmmasand531.707/17/15Portfolio0
97 Directories on left hand sidemoonrunreport1313.007/05/19Portfolio3
98 Higher margins in Ports and SimsNotoriousREV313.010/15/13Portfolio9
99 Allow daily auto-rebalancingolikea330903.703/04/08Portfolio7
100 Allow price input to three decimal placesolikea40113.605/08/08Portfolio0
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