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21 Add PSQ (ProShares Short QQQ) to the hedge moduleInspectorSector1443.503/26/21Portfolio1
22 Add SharesBJS169424.005/28/05Portfolio0
23 Add simple dynamic position sizing functionaltyvictorass54163.402/16/11Portfolio0
24 Add skewness and kurtosis in the list of metrics that is calculated for ports / sims / booksjmh2382.907/26/17Portfolio2
25 Add support for Aggregate command to Hedge moduleWalterW623.002/06/16Portfolio0
26 Add the column, Dividends Paid, to the “Closed Trades (30 days lag)” tableDennyHalwes623.006/06/17Portfolio0
27 Add to a partial positionChipper61963.206/21/17Portfolio8
28 Add UnivStdDev("criteria","formula") to Custom SeriesWalterW1553.004/26/16Portfolio0
29 add wins and losses sequence statistics to a port (and sim) trades data reportz87351243.009/13/11Portfolio0
30 Adjust Portfolio rebalance order prices when ex-dividend date is next market day i.e. [close prior market day - declared dividend]jmh414.012/28/20Portfolio0
31 Aggregate Portfolio Download Buttonstrader129102.901/07/13Portfolio0
32 Allocation Statistics for Whole Port - Not Just Current Holdingslinzjonz37113.407/29/09Portfolio1
33 Allow "TgtPositions" in Portfolio RulesChipper6414.006/07/21Portfolio1
34 Allow #Equity for series in Highest(...)strader1723.508/07/12Portfolio5
35 Allow active weights in stocks and sectors in portfoliosredshield824.008/23/18Portfolio3
36 Allow Buy rules to override Sell rulesjerrodmason135324.206/14/05Portfolio7
37 Allow daily auto-rebalancingolikea330903.703/04/08Portfolio7
38 Allow fractional share recommendations to 1 decimal placeAggies1042.511/14/15Portfolio0
39 Allow live port's to use next open, avg hi-low and next close for settingsTomyani3093.302/07/14Portfolio19
40 Allow number of stocks in port/sim to change as the port value increasesjerrodmason95253.806/14/05Portfolio0
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