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121 Option to readjust Port prices and # of shares on Tuesday for Mondays valuesDennyHalwes98293.405/16/06Portfolio0
122 Option to trade in "round lots"olikea35122.904/29/08Portfolio0
123 Order within current holdingsjerrodmason71193.706/06/05Portfolio0
124 Partial Position Changesdmacdonal91033.305/16/16Portfolio2
125 Perfomance since Last Rebalance Column under PORTFOLIOsvisionaire1682.003/14/06Portfolio0
126 Permit editing of purchase date for portfolio holdingsrschultz3193.405/18/11Portfolio1
127 Please add Beta (to SPX) and 60d Volatility to "Fundamentals" view in Portfolio/HoldingsShaun723.507/07/15Portfolio0
128 Please add SH as benchmarkMiro1133.708/12/17Portfolio0
129 Portfolio Edit - "Enter" key erases my changes.craig824.004/24/10Portfolio0
130 Portfolio transaction edit improvement... spreadsheet upload utilitystumo1762.804/30/13Portfolio0
131 Portfolio/Stock Search/Most Popular...carlrcraw933.004/15/07Portfolio0
132 PortfolioOpen to Return Trading Bars instead of Calendar Daysbarkbad824.001/13/18Portfolio0
133 Portfolios inherit custom variable declaration from universeprimus1963.208/20/18Portfolio0
134 PortfolioStats(bars, id, item) functionwhotookmynickname2273.110/12/18Portfolio0
135 Position sizingscottkissinger126343.703/26/07Portfolio8
136 Post launch annualized alpha.Chipper62893.105/18/17Portfolio6
137 Potfolio Category Statisticscharley42113.807/18/05Portfolio2
138 Price for Transactionslwayne232313.005/22/14Portfolio3
139 Provide alternate buy candidates on the rebalance pageBJS35113.211/15/05Portfolio20
140 R2G ameliorationaurelaurel33103.311/26/13Portfolio11
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