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1 Allow daily auto-rebalancingolikea330903.703/04/08Portfolio7
2 Avergage Gain Per Stock Per Day, or Gain/Stk/DayDennyHalwes226683.312/05/05Portfolio13
3 Limit Orders / Stop OrdersInspectorSector255604.206/04/05Portfolio3
4 Add SharesBJS169424.005/28/05Portfolio0
5 Position sizingscottkissinger126343.703/26/07Portfolio8
6 Allow Buy rules to override Sell rulesjerrodmason135324.206/14/05Portfolio7
7 Option to readjust Port prices and # of shares on Tuesday for Mondays valuesDennyHalwes98293.405/16/06Portfolio0
8 Flexible dates on Rebalancingsalsa119274.406/06/05Portfolio0
9 Allow number of stocks in port/sim to change as the port value increasesjerrodmason95253.806/14/05Portfolio0
10 Bottom 20% Liquidity for ALL Portfolios and Simulationsolikea282233.603/27/14Portfolio6
11 Monthly cash flow stats in simulation / portfolioInspectorSector80233.506/04/05Portfolio4
12 Showing next 5 recommendations when creating a portfolio.rickg77785233.707/07/05Portfolio0
13 Sizing your tradeazouz82223.706/15/05Portfolio0
14 Add a R2G Graveyard to keep all dead published R2Ghengfu77213.710/03/13Portfolio0
15 Include Beginning Rank in Realized P&L in addition to Ending Rankgviersen80204.007/09/05Portfolio1
16 New Performance Indicator - P/L (Profit/Loss)vladinvest66203.312/05/05Portfolio1
17 Calculate Aggregate Return for Portfolio AggregateBJS73193.808/06/05Portfolio1
18 Order within current holdingsjerrodmason71193.706/06/05Portfolio0
19 Allow trading liquidity to be a parameter in position sizing, rather than just a buy/sell criteriagviersen76184.209/04/05Portfolio0
20 RebalancingInspectorSector65183.606/04/05Portfolio0
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