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141 Slippage StatsInspectorSector33122.801/12/07Portfolio4
142 change in what is shown to clear up slippage confusionsLawrenceKohl1243.011/28/06Portfolio0
143 list prev close price for manual transactionsLawrenceKohl732.311/22/06Portfolio0
144 Daily, weekly, monthly equity curve for backtestscrakes32103.211/06/06Portfolio0
145 Money/Risk Management -- Allow user to define maximum position sizejerrodmason2883.508/30/06Portfolio16
146 New sim/port stat - return adjusted for amount of investment at riskjerrodmason2072.907/12/06Portfolio0
147 Specify Number of Stocksdeleted548243133.306/25/06Portfolio6
148 when making portfolio recomendations, display the date of financials used in rankingz873546133.505/27/06Portfolio0
149 Option to readjust Port prices and # of shares on Tuesday for Mondays valuesDennyHalwes98293.405/16/06Portfolio0
150 Rebalance frequency of 1 monthavkale27102.704/08/06Portfolio0
151 Perfomance since Last Rebalance Column under PORTFOLIOsvisionaire1682.003/14/06Portfolio0
152 More flexibility with Exposure ListsBJS51173.002/13/06Portfolio0
153 List rank value in the transactions page for stocks that are manually soldBJS2483.012/18/05Portfolio0
154 Avergage Gain Per Stock Per Day, or Gain/Stk/DayDennyHalwes226683.312/05/05Portfolio13
155 New Performance Indicator - P/L (Profit/Loss)vladinvest66203.312/05/05Portfolio1
156 Provide alternate buy candidates on the rebalance pageBJS35113.211/15/05Portfolio20
157 Archived downloadable (Excel) weekly performance report databl823493.809/26/05Portfolio0
158 Rebalance summary for changes for selected portfolioshoosthu12373.309/19/05Portfolio0
159 Allow trading liquidity to be a parameter in position sizing, rather than just a buy/sell criteriagviersen76184.209/04/05Portfolio0
160 In the portfolio summary page, flag those ports that have made trades in the recent rebalance.BJS2983.609/03/05Portfolio1
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