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121 Position sizingscottkissinger126343.703/26/07Portfolio8
122 A statitstical measure to assess how steady returns are for a portfolio or R2Gsevensisters2473.403/08/15Portfolio0
123 "Or" Option for Buy Rulessglinski1653.206/30/15Portfolio0
124 Please add Beta (to SPX) and 60d Volatility to "Fundamentals" view in Portfolio/HoldingsShaun723.507/07/15Portfolio0
125 Aggregate Portfolio Download Buttonstrader129102.901/07/13Portfolio0
126 Allow #Equity for series in Highest(...)strader1723.508/07/12Portfolio5
127 Portfolio transaction edit improvement... spreadsheet upload utilitystumo1762.804/30/13Portfolio0
128 Raising Max R2G limit for Manager Accounts or adding new plan with this featureSZ842.011/01/14Portfolio5
129 International equity index benchmarksterve_sijoittaja623.011/17/15Portfolio0
130 Intraday quote prices for tradesterve_sijoittaja1042.511/07/16Portfolio0
131 Exclude manual transactions from Live Book rebalancingtkp933.001/22/15Portfolio0
132 Automated Slippage monitoringtobiasberr34103.407/13/17Portfolio5
133 Stock Portfolio retain profits vs. distribute profitstobiasberr1753.403/06/14Portfolio2
134 Allow live port's to use next open, avg hi-low and next close for settingsTomyani3093.302/07/14Portfolio19
135 Create Meta-Trading System function for using/testing rules combining trading systemsTomyani52143.709/28/08Portfolio8
136 Market Exposure or Rank feature that feeds into amount a sim investsTomyani1133.705/26/15Portfolio2
137 Option to fully invest a portfolio over a range of stocksTomyani942.210/07/09Portfolio0
138 R2G/Live port's - Stock overlap between models analysisTomyani1753.402/23/14Portfolio2
139 R2G_Compare a 'custom group' of strat's to a custom 'peer group'Tomyani933.002/23/14Portfolio0
140 Re: Allocation stats to international and aggregate for multiple portfoliosTomyani1352.611/06/09Portfolio0
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