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141 Slipppage calculation report for live ports using tradeTomyani2163.507/30/15Portfolio1
142 Control/limit size of purchase in buy rule.U5YJ52993752gH7p5fx8522.507/23/15Portfolio3
143 Include Rules from another Port.U5YJ52993752gH7p5fx8313.001/30/17Portfolio0
144 Feature Request: Handle Fractional shares and Dollar amount purchases in Trading Interfacevettemoose93832.708/05/21Portfolio0
145 Feature Request: IBKR Interface - Near Real-time Portfolio Reconciliationvettemoose93313.008/05/21Portfolio0
146 Add simple dynamic position sizing functionaltyvictorass54163.402/16/11Portfolio0
147 Custom Reports in Portfolios/Simulationsvinced0011443.502/15/14Portfolio0
148 Multi-Currency Portfoliosvinced0011953.807/28/14Portfolio0
149 Perfomance since Last Rebalance Column under PORTFOLIOsvisionaire1682.003/14/06Portfolio0
150 New Performance Indicator - P/L (Profit/Loss)vladinvest66203.312/05/05Portfolio1
151 Add "Liquidity (lowest 20%)" to Smart Alpha->Browse Models screenerWalterW1553.008/06/16Portfolio1
152 Add "Out-of-Sample" Statistics to Live PortfoliosWalterW45143.201/26/19Portfolio10
153 Add a Strategy function to support the buying of round stock lotsWalterW1443.512/04/19Portfolio0
154 Add support for Aggregate command to Hedge moduleWalterW623.002/06/16Portfolio0
155 Add UnivStdDev("criteria","formula") to Custom SeriesWalterW1553.004/26/16Portfolio0
156 Extend DM subscription model to support two-tier pricingWalterW1142.809/19/17Portfolio15
157 Function to return number of ranking system NAsWalterW1142.809/24/18Portfolio2
158 Live port 'Save as a new 'Portfolio Simulation' task should preserve the Live Port optionsWalterW933.006/04/15Portfolio2
159 Option to close a R2G when the last user unsubscribesWalterW422.006/11/15Portfolio2
160 Replace Yahoo! Quotes with P123 quote pageWalterW313.008/15/19Portfolio0
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