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161 Allow fractional share recommendations to 1 decimal placeAggies1042.511/14/15Portfolio0
162 Auto-Save or Select Default Setting for "Do not set the 'Last Rebalance Date' to today if there are no new recommendations"whotookmynickname522.504/15/16Portfolio0
163 Control/limit size of purchase in buy rule.U5YJ52993752gH7p5fx8522.507/23/15Portfolio3
164 Intraday quote prices for tradesterve_sijoittaja1042.511/07/16Portfolio0
165 long/short techniquegcoreyct1562.512/01/17Portfolio1
166 Tools for backtester validationrgearyiii522.503/10/16Portfolio1
167 list prev close price for manual transactionsLawrenceKohl732.311/22/06Portfolio0
168 Rolling weeklycalif2732.308/04/17Portfolio2
169 Option to fully invest a portfolio over a range of stocksTomyani942.210/07/09Portfolio0
170 Make Varibles defined in Buy Rules convey to Sell Rulesscmarsh632.003/25/16Portfolio2
171 Option to close a R2G when the last user unsubscribesWalterW422.006/11/15Portfolio2
172 Perfomance since Last Rebalance Column under PORTFOLIOsvisionaire1682.003/14/06Portfolio0
173 Raising Max R2G limit for Manager Accounts or adding new plan with this featureSZ842.011/01/14Portfolio5
174 Rebalance Multiple Portswhotookmynickname632.004/15/16Portfolio0
175 Trend of average return by R2G Model Categoriesmmasand531.707/17/15Portfolio0
176 New R2G classes (types)Jrinne000.004/30/15Portfolio4
177 Simulation vs. portfolio: pls give me some adviceFabiolo1000.003/30/16Portfolio2
178 Using the Benchmark % from High as a entry/exit triggerdgvp000.010/25/16Portfolio2
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