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141 Rolling weeklycalif2732.308/04/17Portfolio2
142 Rules for BooksChipper61133.706/01/21Portfolio1
143 Sim Stats for RTG Models back to 1999donbarrett1234.003/30/13Portfolio2
144 Trend of average return by R2G Model Categoriesmmasand531.707/17/15Portfolio0
145 Use transaction day prices for semi-automatic rebalanced profoliosWalterW1234.003/01/16Portfolio0
146 Yield Weightmike0001832.712/14/14Portfolio2
147 add parameters: PortBarsOn and PortBarsOffz8735522.512/15/11Portfolio0
148 Add support for Aggregate command to Hedge moduleWalterW623.002/06/16Portfolio0
149 Add the column, Dividends Paid, to the “Closed Trades (30 days lag)” tableDennyHalwes623.006/06/17Portfolio0
150 Allow #Equity for series in Highest(...)strader1723.508/07/12Portfolio5
151 Allow active weights in stocks and sectors in portfoliosredshield824.008/23/18Portfolio3
152 Auto-Save or Select Default Setting for "Do not set the 'Last Rebalance Date' to today if there are no new recommendations"whotookmynickname522.504/15/16Portfolio0
153 buy rule vixApril800824.004/02/13Portfolio2
154 Control/limit size of purchase in buy rule.U5YJ52993752gH7p5fx8522.507/23/15Portfolio3
155 Create live ports from R2Gsdavidbv723.512/27/13Portfolio4
156 International equity index benchmarksterve_sijoittaja623.011/17/15Portfolio0
157 Option to close a R2G when the last user unsubscribesWalterW422.006/11/15Portfolio2
158 Please add Beta (to SPX) and 60d Volatility to "Fundamentals" view in Portfolio/HoldingsShaun723.507/07/15Portfolio0
159 Portfolio Edit - "Enter" key erases my changes.craig824.004/24/10Portfolio0
160 PortfolioOpen to Return Trading Bars instead of Calendar Daysbarkbad824.001/13/18Portfolio0
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