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121 Incorrect Stock Weights Shown in Currrent Holdings Display for Portfoliosrschultz2983.602/17/11Portfolio0
122 Add simple dynamic position sizing functionaltyvictorass54163.402/16/11Portfolio0
123 Portfolio Edit - "Enter" key erases my changes.craig824.004/24/10Portfolio0
124 Re: Allocation stats to international and aggregate for multiple portfoliosTomyani1352.611/06/09Portfolio0
125 Option to fully invest a portfolio over a range of stocksTomyani942.210/07/09Portfolio0
126 Allocation Statistics for Whole Port - Not Just Current Holdingslinzjonz37113.407/29/09Portfolio1
127 Create Meta-Trading System function for using/testing rules combining trading systemsTomyani52143.709/28/08Portfolio8
128 Group Recent Transactions by Port categoryavkale832.706/07/08Portfolio0
129 Max number of stocks to purchasegarryp30103.005/12/08Portfolio1
130 Allow price input to three decimal placesolikea40113.605/08/08Portfolio0
131 Option to trade in "round lots"olikea35122.904/29/08Portfolio0
132 Allow daily auto-rebalancingolikea330903.703/04/08Portfolio7
133 trades performance graph, variable display periodz87352583.109/13/07Portfolio1
134 Stats for recovery from drawdown period - no days .hoosthu12573.608/13/07Portfolio1
135 Add option to choose between daily or the previous weekend's ranks when rebalancingpennywise1853.607/01/07Portfolio3
136 Portfolio/Stock Search/Most Popular...carlrcraw933.004/15/07Portfolio0
137 Position sizingscottkissinger126343.703/26/07Portfolio8
138 Ability to calculate weighted avg beta for current portfolio holdings.danparquette38113.502/27/07Portfolio0
139 add Graph: Account Balance over timerussell1243.002/26/07Portfolio0
140 Display after-tax returnlucabol29112.602/24/07Portfolio4
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