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1 2-Year and 3-Year RebalanceAChayka882483.002/05/16Portfolio13
2 Add more index backfill data for ETFsacmeinvest1081243.012/08/21Portfolio1
3 Allow fractional share recommendations to 1 decimal placeAggies1042.511/14/15Portfolio0
4 Hedge Ratio stepsAmitron1753.403/23/15Portfolio3
5 buy rule vixApril800824.004/02/13Portfolio2
6 R2G ameliorationaurelaurel33103.311/26/13Portfolio11
7 Group Recent Transactions by Port categoryavkale832.706/07/08Portfolio0
8 Rebalance frequency of 1 monthavkale27102.704/08/06Portfolio0
9 Sizing your tradeazouz82223.706/15/05Portfolio0
10 PortfolioOpen to Return Trading Bars instead of Calendar Daysbarkbad824.001/13/18Portfolio0
11 Add SharesBJS169424.005/28/05Portfolio0
12 Calculate Aggregate Return for Portfolio AggregateBJS73193.808/06/05Portfolio1
13 In the portfolio summary page, flag those ports that have made trades in the recent rebalance.BJS2983.609/03/05Portfolio1
14 List rank value in the transactions page for stocks that are manually soldBJS2483.012/18/05Portfolio0
15 More flexibility with Exposure ListsBJS51173.002/13/06Portfolio0
16 Provide alternate buy candidates on the rebalance pageBJS35113.211/15/05Portfolio20
17 Archived downloadable (Excel) weekly performance report databl823493.809/26/05Portfolio0
18 Average Annual Yieldbobhaskell14952163.509/05/13Portfolio1
19 Convert Book Simulations to R2G modelsbobhaskell14951443.502/27/14Portfolio1
20 Have a choice of paying out dividends or re-investing dividends in ports/simsbobhaskell14953193.407/09/13Portfolio0
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