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1 "Leverage" as formula/variable in Portfoliosbrianj9992573.604/05/18Portfolio1
2 "Or" Option for Buy Rulessglinski1653.206/30/15Portfolio0
3 2-Year and 3-Year RebalanceAChayka882483.002/05/16Portfolio13
4 A statitstical measure to assess how steady returns are for a portfolio or R2Gsevensisters2473.403/08/15Portfolio0
5 Ability to calculate weighted avg beta for current portfolio holdings.danparquette38113.502/27/07Portfolio0
6 Ability to use #Previous in Live & Simulation Portfolioprimus1133.701/27/14Portfolio6
7 Add "IWM w/ dividend" benchmark comparison to R2G modelshengfu1243.012/13/13Portfolio0
8 Add "Liquidity (lowest 20%)" to Smart Alpha->Browse Models screenerWalterW1553.008/06/16Portfolio1
9 Add "MinLiquidityWeight" functionwhotookmynickname933.009/30/16Portfolio0
10 Add "Out-of-Sample" Statistics to Live PortfoliosWalterW45143.201/26/19Portfolio10
11 Add a R2G Graveyard to keep all dead published R2Ghengfu77213.710/03/13Portfolio0
12 Add a Strategy function to support the buying of round stock lotsWalterW1443.512/04/19Portfolio0
13 Add Asset Tolerance to Live BooksMiro35103.511/10/17Portfolio0
14 Add column with avg daily volume in rebalance recommendations windowplan_trader1033.303/16/13Portfolio0
15 Add dividend Yield-on-Cost column to portfolio Current Holdings screendavidbv1443.510/24/16Portfolio1
16 add Graph: Account Balance over timerussell1243.002/26/07Portfolio0
17 Add leverage to Bookemcgerve2363.809/13/13Portfolio3
18 Add more index backfill data for ETFsacmeinvest1081243.012/08/21Portfolio1
19 Add option to choose between daily or the previous weekend's ranks when rebalancingpennywise1853.607/01/07Portfolio3
20 add parameters: PortBarsOn and PortBarsOffz8735522.512/15/11Portfolio0
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