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For the sims/ports, would it be possible to tap into the Equity value? For example, what I'd like to do is enter a sell rule that if Equity(0) < 0.90 * Equity (30), then all positions are sold. This would simulate exiting alll positions if the equity goes down over 10% in 30 days. Then in my buy rules, I could enter something like: Equity (0) > 0.91 * Equity (30) before I allowed a buy.
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Final Comments
This has been available for some time. Under many TA functions and Close() you can specify many different 'series'. To get the portfolio equity use the series #Equity.

Your example would be:

Close(0,#Equity) < 0.90 * Close(30,#Equity)
Requested by: scottkissinger
On date: 11/27/06
Category: Simulation