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Graph to see "Timing" expressions plotted against market movements

In ETF Screen ProShares Sector Rotation Long-Short (market timing model) you use the expression: sma(5,0,#SPEPSCY)
This acts as a switch to move between short and long EFT choices. I would like the ability to see the output of this expression plotted versus a benchmark such as SPY. Since it evaluates as T/F, it would be either 1 or 0.

Similarly, I would like to see the ability to see other "Timing" expressions plotted against market movements. In this fashion, I could more easily see which parameters needed tuning to correctly anticipate trends. I am interested in optimizing such a switch, but lack the ability to do it efficiently.

Could this feature be added? It would be simplest to allow plotting a function or a custom formula.
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Requested by: waltzpaul
On date: 05/26/09
Category: Factors and Functions