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Here is an idea of how to give subs to low liquidity R2G Ports information on how many subs are buying the same stocks at the same time. Since it only maters if they are buying them or selling them on the same day, this is what I suggest;

1) Take the last 10 closed trades from all the R2G Ports.
2) List the buy date and sell date for each stock.
3) Add the number of subs from every R2G Port that are buying each stock on the same day, and the number that are selling on the same day.
4) Make those totals available on a separate main R2G summery page listing the R2G Ports that bought or sold the stocks on the same date.

I have done that manually on 10 low liquidity Ports by using the sold date and the Days Held number to determine the bought date. So it should be fairly easy for P123. Of the 10 Ports there were not many of them that bought &/or sold the same stock on the same date even though they listed the same stocks in the last 10 closed table. That implies that the stocks were not as overbought (or oversold) as I thought based on their listing in the last 10 closed table.

This may only be necessary for Ports that have a Bottom 20% liquidity < $1mm.

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Requested by: DennyHalwes
On date: 06/26/14
Category: Portfolio