I would like to see the following portfolio management options added:

1. Weighting by market capitalization (or more generally, by any user-defined per-stock calculation).
2. Exclusion of ordinary cash dividends.

My main reason for requesting these features is that it would allow us to validate the Portfolio123 backtester by creating portfolios whose backtest results are directly comparable to major indexes and ETFs. For example, a portfolio constructed from the universe code SP500 with weighting by market capitalization and ordinary cash dividends excluded should track the official S&P 500 index very closesly. The same portfolio but with dividends included should closely track SPY. Likewise for the S&P 400, S&P 600, NASDAQ 100, etc. In this way, the backtester would become self-validating.

I realize that validating the backtester may not be high priority for most users, but I imagine it would be for those with the greatest amount of capital invested according research guided by Portfolio123. Adding self-validating features to my own backtester is a high priority in my software development.

Another reason for allowing users to weight positions by market capitalization (and I apologize if this feature already exists, though it isn't obvious to me that it does) is that it would be more realistic than equal position weighting for Portfolio123's institutional clients.
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Requested by: rgearyiii
On date: 03/10/16
Category: Portfolio

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